Goethe University, Frankfurt - Molecular Biotechnology, Institute for Molecular Bio Sciences

The group of Molecular Biotechnology is part of the Institute of Molecular Bio Sciences at the Goethe University Frankfurt (GUF). GUF is one of the biggest Universities in Germany (>30 000 students) . Currently, the group of Molecular Biotechnology has nine members which are partially still located in Saarbrücken but the group will move to Frankfurt completely in autum 2009. Research in the group is dedicated to all areas of natural product chemistry and biochemistry (isolation and cultivation of bacteria, isolation and structure elucidation of new compounds, heterologous expression of desired proteins and complete biosynthesis gene clusters, proteomics facility for regulatory and mode of action studies).

Main Tasks

  • Scientific Coordinator (WP7) supported by P6
  • Workpackage Leader for WP2 (Chemistry/compund library)
  • Workpackage Leader for WP5 (Methodologies)
  • Participating in WP4-WP6

Relevant previous experience

Infrastructure - The group of Molecular Biotechnology is newly funded in Dezember 2008 with all equipment required for performing the GameXP project. In early 2009 the institute will own two HPLC/MS systems (one signle quadrupole and one high resolution MS, a preparative autopurification system, a Flash system and all facilities for small and large scale (up to 50 L) fermentations. Moreover, the institute has access to several NMR spectrometer.

Staff Members Involved

Prof. Dr. Helge B. Bode (Coordinator) studied Chemistry and Biology in Göttingen (Germany), obtained Diploma degrees in both subjects and a Ph.D. in natural product chemistry on structure elucidation of novel compounds in Göttingen in 2000. After a postdoc at the German Center for Biotechnology (GBF) in Braunschweig (Germany) and a second postdoc at the Stanford University (USA) he was appointed Juniorprofessor in 2004 at the Saarland University in Natural Product Biotechnology. In 2006 he obtained an Emmy Noether Fellowship from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) which he still holds and was recently appointed full professor in Molecular Biotechnology. He is co-author of more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed high quality journals covering all aspects of natural product chemistry. He has build up an effective research group and collaborates extensively with academic and industrial groups in Ireland, the UK, and the USA. His research is funded by the DFG and the Monsanto Company (USA) and his research interests are focussed on new natural products and their function for the producing bacterial strain using natural product chemistry methods (e.g. isolation, structure elucidation) and molecular biology methods (e.g. protein expression, mutant and library construction).

Project Coordination
Prof. Dr. Helge B. Bode
E-Mail to Helge Bode