EURiCE, European Research and Project Office GmbH

The European Research and Project Office GmbH (Eurice) is a spin-off company of Saarland University, founded in the year 2000 in order to assist and consult scientists, researchers and innovative companies in the area of EU research and project management. The Eurice team consists of 25 academic experts with different scientific and non-scientific backgrounds, such as law, medicine, biology, chemistry, communications, information sciences, or computer sciences.Today, EUR represents the largest project management office in Germany.

Main Tasks

  • Administrative assistance: Eurice will be in charge of administrative, legal and financial aspects of the GAMEXP project in close cooperation with the scientific coordinator.
  • Project Management Office (PMO): Eurice will provide a fully equipped Project Management Office and assist the scientific coordinator in administrative, financial, formal and organisational aspects. The PMO will assume the role of an interface between the project consortium and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION together with the coordinator. The PMO facilities include an up-to-date communication and information structure (e.g. website service, communication tools).Eurice will also assist in decisions for all innovation-related activities, such as IPR-issues, dissemination, and exploitation of project results.
  • Administrative coordinator (WP7, Management) supported by P1.
  • WPL for WP6 (Innovation related activities)

Relevant Previous Experience

Eurice has been involved in EU Framework Programmes since FP4 and has been involved in the coordination and/or administration of over 100 EU-funded research projects, both as a management and dissemination partner, with partners from more than 40 countries and an overall budget of over 200 million Euros. Experts from EUR regularly provide training to Life Science researchers in the field of research and innovation management on national and international level. Eurice is a member of the “European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA)” and has been a partner in the IPR helpdesk project offering basic free-of charge assistance in Intellectual Property Rights issues (co-funded by the European Commission)

Staff Members Involved

Dr. Vera Schneider has worked as a researcher in the field of tropical Medicine from 2001-2007. She has conducted field studies and research in rural areas and developing countries. She was involved in the coordination of the FP6 project “Burulico” and is presently working as Programme Manager for LifeSciences at Eurice.

Project Management
Dr. Vera Siegmund
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Melanie Paulus

Melanie Haupenthal
Project Administration
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